Monday, October 24, 2016

To-Do List Confusion

My "to-do" list can be very confusing at times. It has some very productive projects on it. But by the end of the day, I find I ended up doing other things and if I'm lucky, I can scratch one thing off the current list.

The value of to-do lists is all in the way you look at them, I think. If you take it as a cast-in-stone list, it can be depressing to find it not even touched by day's end. But if you look at it as a living-document, it has its own value.

These past few weeks, my days require a totally different routine than in the past. There are issues with my water usage, but it is simply an adjustment to routine.

The thing is - as we get older, we dislike adjustments to our routines. I can remember when that was something I took pride in - I was always able to claim, rightfully so, that if nothing else, I could adapt to any situation. Well, these days, I can still do that, but very reluctantly.

Still, I've already finished the draft of our monthly Park newsletter and will be making the proofing changes tomorrow, printing it Wednesday, stapling all the issues Thursday, and delivering my share on Saturday.

I've also managed to finish a few scarves for the homeless, 10 more of my plastic canvas satin ribbon bookmarks (for my own stash - I like at least a dozen on hand at all times), prepped some produce today, and almost finished the little "things" I will give to nearby friends for Halloween.

I've accumulated enough Swagbucks the past few weeks to be able to cash them in for $50 in gift cards and will use that for some undies I sorely need. Apparently those aren't meant to last forever.
Yesterday, I dropped off a big bag of donated yarn skeins to one of our charity crafters - I had gone through our bags the day before and found enough of the type/weight she can handle. Tomorrow, I will go through again and gather another bag for another charity crafter who will be stopping by on Thursday.

So, when I am able to scratch off even one item from my "main" to-do list, I am thrilled. 

The thing is - unless I make that list, the things on there will never, ever get done. This way, it might take a while, but eventually some things come off and new ones go on. 

Not bad - I prefer a little progress to no progress at all.

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