Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Three Families in Need of Prayer

Wow - I am so sorry to have heard some sad news regarding some friends in the past 24 hours.

One couple I know is having a rough time. The wife broke her leg and is finally out of the hospital and in rehab. But her husband was so distraught over her situation, he had a heart attack. I hesitate to call it minor - there's really no such thing, in my eyes, as a minor heart attack. Anyhow, I saw him today. He, too, is finally out of the hospital where they had him under observation, and he is looking a bit more upbeat now that she is in rehab. What a mess for them.

Also, a friend of mine needs prayers big time because of a recent passing of a family member. The situation at that time was tricky. Family members were overwhelmed with caregiving strain. Because of a misunderstanding during that final day, two family members no longer talk to each other. This is when they need each other more than ever.

Yet another friend was released from the hospital only to face needing to travel to her mom's funeral the next day. It was a rough month for that couple, too.

The thing is, all these people, or most of them, are all seniors. In one way, we are stronger emotionally and can deal with issues. But in another way, it is also harder, the older we get, to heal from medical and emotional issues.

Prayers would greatly be appreciated for these folks, if you can spare a moment.

Lord Jesus, you healed and comforted the sick. Please look upon these folks and see their pain and their heartache. Please lift their spirits and burdens, and heal wherever possible, according to the Father's will. We need you now even more than ever.

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