Monday, October 24, 2016

Praying You Are All Faring Well

Today I was thinking that I am very blessed. 

Yes, I am still concerned about those pipes. It is an interesting routine these days. Two years ago, I began eating healthier. That, however, requires a lot of cooking/preparing foods from scratch. That, in turn, requires washing those foods when I bring them home. These days, I must go into the pantry, turn on the water, rinse that produce/fruit as quickly as possible, scoot back into the pantry and turn the water off. 

Some might not consider that extra work to be a blessing, that worry that I might forget to turn it off and it will be running underneath my house. And that is just one part of my new turn-on/turn-off water usage routine. But yes, indeed, it is a blessing. This is because, with the help of my contractor, I do not have to go outside to do the turn-on/turn-off now. That was about 10 days ago. Without that inside valve, I am sure I would be exhausted by now.

Anyhow, my troubles are nothing as compared with those of some friends and loved ones. 

I know of at least 4 who are suffering varying degrees of depression. Several more are in various stages of cancer and its treatment and the results of those treatments. One is in the hospital with MS complications. Another is overwhelmed by her caregiving schedule. There are two more who are also dealing with caregiving issues. A few are dealing with various stages of grief over the loss of loved ones. One couple is still dealing with the aftermath of an auto accident.

So, yes, my friends, I am blessed. I've had troubles in the past, many, many of them, but for now, the troubles of my friends are far worse.

Sweet Lord Jesus, please glance in the direction of my friends and loved ones, and send them all the grace and healing and peace of body and mind and soul that they might need. You know the exact nature of those needs better than I do. We trust in your love and compassion.

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