Saturday, October 22, 2016

I'm Expecting a Feline Parade

Friends of mine spend some time each summer in a rural area where they happen upon lots of wild catnip. They bring back a nice supply for my Silkie.

This time, it was a lot, and much of it was still attached to long stems (some a foot long) and pieces.

I took time today, out on the driveway, to transfer it to two large plastic coffee canisters. My friend said that I shouldn't let Silkie get the stems, so this coming week, one day, I'll strip off the leaves and just leave those and the powdery residue.

When I was transferring the large amount into the two containers, even though they were wide-mouthed plastic canisters, some fell onto the ground. I swept as much as I could see into a dustpan and it went into the trash. But I'm sure there had to be trace amounts on the ground that my human eyes could not detect.

Therefore, I promised myself I would not be alarmed if, one day soon, I see a feline parade pitty-patting onto my driveway.

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