Sunday, October 16, 2016

The Lord's Encouraging Presence

Last night I went to bed fighting the urge to just walk away from my home, cat under my arm, litter box in car, and nowhere to go. I never allow myself go for more than a few minutes on that sort of track. I do believe that it is normal for we humans to have moments when we are overwhelmed. At those times, I try to turn my thoughts to Jesus at Gethsemane, when he wept and prayed for his burden to be taken away.
Then I take a deep breath, say a prayer or two, and try to move on.

This morning, I was a lot more realistic. I put aside an envelope for those pipes I need, and I printed out some ideas for some free lance writing efforts and did some light editing on those. There's no way I can go out on an on-site job these days, but there's nothing stopping me from resuming my earlier free lance writing efforts. It will take time to see results, though. I've got to re-educate myself on current needs and format and so on. No biggie.

Lord Jesus, thank you for your excellent example. My burden is but a speck of sand when compared to the burden you bore for us. Forgive my impatience and thank you so much for your example in acknowledging the heaviness of our burdens but even more, for the example of doing what must be done and doing it with grace and dignity no matter the weight of that burden. I do pray that you keep me (and others whose burdens are especially heavy right now) in your heart and fill me with the grace I need to deal with it.

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