Sunday, October 16, 2016

Little Rays of Foodie Sunshine

Foodie that I am (and have always been), my little rays of sunshine often involve - yep - food. 

Today I had a lot of fun with food I rarely eat these days of my being more health-conscious. I needed to cheer myself up and of course I thought of comfort foods.

I defrosted one of my homemade yogurt/fruit/veggie smoothies but when it became straw-sipping-texture, I put in a couple of drops of sugar-free chocolate syrup - is THAT ever good?

A couple of weeks ago, I ended up with some food that someone could not use. My local friends and neighbors often give that to me because they know that if I do not personally have it on my food-list, I know a few folks who would dearly love any extra food they can get. At that time, I ended up with a pound of ground chicken (still in freezer, awaiting my wishes) and a nice package/link of Hillshire Farms Cajun Kielbasa. 

The kielbasa is already cooked so I defrosted it and cut it into fourths and used one of those pieces right away today. I rarely eat white potatoes now, but I needed those puppies so I pulled a small cooked one from the freezer and nuked it to cutting stage. I cut that small potato (I think they are called fingerlings at that size) and started a small non-stick skillet with just a dash of olive oil. Then I added the Cajun Kielbasa in little pieces, some green bell pepper and some onion.

Exactly what the doctor ordered. 

Well, perhaps it might make my doctor cringe but I didn't care. 

I needed it - I made it - I ate it. So there!


camaske said...

You go girl! Every now and then we need to treat ourselves.

Evelyn Mayfield said...

LOL - thanks, my friend!