Saturday, September 10, 2016

Technology Update - I'm Excited

My friends are all aware of my recent tech troubles. My current hand-me-down laptop is not stable or reliable these days. For a few weeks, I was constantly turning it upside down, removing the battery and replacing it (a sort of hard boot) when it refused to load Windows. This was unpredictable.

My tech guy has given it a thorough look-see and we've both concluded that when my former surge protector fried (I could literally smell it), it might have damaged a component in the laptop.

Meanwhile, a dear long-time friend mentioned she had a tower that she no longer needed. We compared notes as to what I needed and what she had. This morning, we were happy to connect on timing and I picked it up and brought it home.

I'll call my tech guy on Monday and have him help me transfer stuff from the laptop to the tower.
Thanks to a neighbor, I have a flat screen monitor and a keyboard so I'll be all set. It will take a lot off my mind, not knowing how long this laptop will last.

This tower is so small compared to the ones I've had in the past. It doesn't feel as heavy as a loaf of bread! We've come a long way and I suppose I've been way behind.

From what I could find on the internet, this one has more "storage" but a tiny bit less memory. Shouldn't be much different than what I'm using. All in all, it will be an improvement.

It looks as though it has 2 USB ports in the front and 2 in the back. That would be a luxury for me. I won't have to unplug/switch every time I go from my inkjet printer for home use to the laser printer for community newsletter use. I like that.

Another tech issue I've been waging gentle war with is my TV setup. 

I hope to once more tackle the TV/converter/antenna issues this coming week. 

I am determined to get these things working. There is NO reason why I cannot do this. I did it with one setup already in here. It's true I am not be able to handle a smart phone but we're talking "old school" technology here. We'll see.

Technology - isn't it great?

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