Saturday, August 6, 2016

Updating My Shop

Today I found 8 of my crocheted Rustic Wall Crosses just sitting around and I wondered why. It turns out they never made it into my shop. I did a quick run through my photos on the computer and I did actually take the photos a while back.

After rolling through them, re-naming them sensibly (they were just numbers), compressing them for upload, doing a little cropping and so on, they were ready. Each Etsy listing allows you to use up to 5 photos. I like to use 4 or 5.

Then I went into the shop, opened one Rustic Wall Cross, hit Copy, and began listing all 8, one at a time.

This is great. I now have 15 of them in there, both large and small, and in lots of colors: lavender, blue, red, Aran Fleck, and more.

I'm a happy Etsy camper...

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