Saturday, August 6, 2016

Interesting Day When Looking Back

Well, like many other days, this one didn't go as planned but it went better than expected. 

I managed to do quite a bit of food prep. I'm a foodie and it is better for me and my bod if I have things on the fridge shelves, ready to grab and pop into my mouth when a craving hits.

Today, I cut the cantaloupe into bite-size pieces and put it into 2 containers and can pick on those for days.

I found an old orange I was going to toss out but something made me cut it open and it was just fine, so I peeled it and cut it, too, into bite sized pieces. That stares at me every time I open the fridge which is great.

The container of strawberries was next. Into a colander and off came the tops and they got washed and are now happily awaiting my consumption.

One other thing was the head of cauliflower I picked up two days ago. I cut off the leaves and stem, broke it into the right pieces and tossed them into my favorite microwave steamer dish. I love this dish. We bought it at least 10 years ago, but the steamer bed is raised about an inch above the bottom, and it is oval shaped and about 11 inches wide with a sort of domed top. So I just pour a half cup of water in the bottom, spread out the pieces, put the top on, and six minutes later, it is gently steamed enough for this old lady to eat it. I love to keep it handy to toss into salads and to dress for sides. I can no longer chew it raw, but this is great. So I have two containers of that ready and willing to be of service to me.

Then I took a can of tuna, drained the water into a small jar for "tuna soup" for Silkie, and made my favorite tuna/avocado salad for lunch for two days. I use one soft avo per can of tuna, plus a Tbsp of ReaLemon to keep it from darkening, and a dollop of relish, a tsp of horseradish, and a dollop of brown mustard. Oh, and I chop one rib of celery. I don't think I've use mayo in the house for at least two years.

Now, the thing is, I was standing doing all of this so my silly flat feet, even with insertable arch supports did yell at me after a while.

I was really pleased with myself.

Then I found some of my crocheted Rustic Wall Crosses just sitting out and wondered why. Turns out they needed to be added to my Etsy shop. Took care of the photos and the work involved with the listings and now that is done.

And I did some Swagbucks work, as well.

In between, I worked on a charity baby blanket.

So, I'm not too upset with myself in the long run.

Now, tomorrow might be another matter entirely...

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