Saturday, August 6, 2016

Fastest Ways to Accumulate Swagbucks

When I first dove into Swagbucks, I found it a bit overwhelming. There were so many ways to get what I call points. Your Swagbucks total is actually a version of cash because you can convert those SBs into redeemable gift cards.

Some folks think that's all they are - gift cards. But let me tell you, this month is brutal, financially, for me. I have been so grateful to have been able to convert some Swagbucks, twice, for cards which I then used for groceries and pet supplies - once for a $25 card and once for a $10 card. I still have over 1400 SBs so if things don't change, I can always get yet one more $10 card (1000 SBs equals $10).

You need to remember that the cards do not instantaneously appear in your email box. Some arrive quickly; others can take 10 days or so. The ones I've chosen seem to arrive between 2 and  4 days. Then you print them and use them.

Back to how to get lots of points quickly.

In my humble opinion, the two best ways to accumulate SBs is through surveys and through purchases. I'll explain each briefly. One requires lots of patience and the other requires some money.

Surveys are not what you might think. These are specialized. They have several categories, primarily their Gold Surveys and those from Peanut Labs. Each survey currently available (and there are usually anywhere from 2 to 20) shows you how long it should take and how much you will get when you have completed it. Typically they range from 10 minutes  to 20 minutes, and offer from 50 to 100 or more Swagbuckis when completed.

Some folks get frustrated because the sponsors almost always qualify you first. So you frequently answer the same questions over and over - zip code, age, gender, birth-date, etc. And if you don't fit the demographics they need for that survey, it shuts down. Most will still give you 1 SB just for trying. So that's where the patience come in - I have often tried 4 or 5 or more before I get one I qualify for.

Doing the surveys, even just 2 good ones a day, can easily credit you with 100 or more SBs a day.

The other way to get SBs quickly is to buy from places that partner with Swagbucks. Once you join, every time you access a company partnered with them, you get a notice that every purchase you make at that site will credit you with a certain SB multiplier. So, you might want something from Macy's and you see a note that currently every dollar you spend is multiplied by 6 onto your SBs account. Companies include hotel chains, department stores, Amazon and eBay, flower shops, Sam's Club and so many more.

In my case, I have very little free cash, but twice I needed something that I normally would have run up to Walmart for. Instead, I ordered it online and had it delivered. I also got extra SBs when I renewed my Carbonite backup early this year. I had to do it anyway, and I got some bang for my bucks.

So there you have at least, IMHO, the quickest and best ways to boost your Swagbucks total. Once you get on board, you will find your own favorite ways to increase your totals. But have fun with it, too.

Wait until I do the one on games, later.

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