Monday, August 15, 2016

Small Blessings are Often Best

My mind has tried very hard to keep me from my usual upbeat self lately. It has been occupied with some concerns, trying to distract me.

Tonight, while I was brushing Silkie in our usual bonding session on the living room rug, I was thinking of all the little blessings in my life. I'm one of those folks who count their blessings every night, in bed, just before going to sleep. But this evening, I really really needed to think about them at that moment.

Our lives are not always what we want them to be. But they are always what we make of them. 

I have several friends, not just one, who are going through chemo and radiation; and another whose loved one will probably be starting that routine shortly. I have another friend with a severely developmentally challenged child, and they need to find another helper. Others are having medical issues, many are having financial issues, others are facing almost the troubles of Job. 

However, each of these, every one of them, are amazing in their faith. Thinking of them helps me get through my own little issues.

This evening, I was especially mindful of the roof over my head, the fur baby I was brushing at that moment, a car that runs, food galore in the freezer and fridge (probably not very thrilling choices for many, but suitable for my needs), a for-now working computer, friends, the ability to get around on my own two feet and old legs, five senses that are currently still working, hot and cold running water, television, and so much I blessed or what? 

Sweet, sweet Jesus, thank you for all you did for me, for us. Living here on earth, in one of our bodies, for a while, you gave us clear example of how we should and can handle our lives. Thank you for loving us. And thank the Father for me, for all my blessings.

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