Saturday, August 13, 2016

Very Grateful for Swagbucks this Month

Things have been a little tight this month, so I'm really grateful I've been paying more attention to my Swagbucks totals.

I'd love to save them up for something special, but for now, they are really coming in handy for food, household supplies and pet food and supplies. I just opted to trade some today for another $25 gift card that I can use for those things.

Down the line, I hope to occasionally get one or two like that as a gas card. What a treat that will be.
My computer has been giving me trouble so I hope it holds up until I get another. I need to spend time on it to accumulate those points.

In the beginning, I was lucky to manage 30 points a day. Often I didn't bother to accumulate any at all. Lately, I've hit between 100 and 250 several times. I'm getting to know which choices are best suited for my own interests and skills and time. This past week or two, I am rarely under 50 SBs a day. 

When I sign on to Swagbucks, I go to the left sidebar and scroll down to the to-do list, and do each thing on that list.

From there, I head to Discover, and do the Toro and Adgate coupons. When you print the coupons (10 for Offer Toro and 25 for Adgate), you get 16 SBs each. And, when you use the coupons, you get another 10 SBs for each one. 

You should be aware that when you use the coupons in a store, it can take a few weeks for them to credit. I don't mind that. I love opening it in the morning, off and on, and seeing an extra 10 or more SBs suddenly pop up because the coupons I used a while back were finally finished processing. We have to remember they must go through the stores themselves, and then to a processing center, and on and on. Still, it's a quiet and painless way to accumulate SBs.

I'm actually having fun learning the ropes on Swagbucks.
You can go here to sign up or check it out -

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