Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Can't Wait to See How He Gets Me Out of This Mess

Now, this factual. I do not want any of my friends to worry. I know the Lord has my back. But I am sharing the current situation ONLY to show, down the line, that as bad as it looks now, he will take care of it for me. So, what I'm saying is, no matter how bad it looks for you, too, right now, have faith. Somehow, in some way, it absolutely will work out.
That said - here we go - this is actually kind of funny -

Every six months or so, I end up hitting a wall financially. It is not mis-management; it is not gambling; it is not wasteful spending. It is circumstance, pure and simple. Job did not deserve what happened to him, yet he dealt with it. As must we all. 

In my case, a household member passed away suddenly two years ago and the bills were all in my name. Anything other than shelter costs were "loans" to take care of repairs, etc. While he was alive, the two incomes easily covered everything. Then - boom! So the day after his passing, I began every month 400 in the hole. Slowly, slowly, I got that down to 200 in the hole. Even with my roof repair last year and a friend's help with a loan for that, and closing one loan, there have been emergencies off and on since then. I'm still entering each month in the hole. The second half of each month, I end up postponing this, re-writing that, asking for an increase on this...so, it eventually catches up with me. In my youth, I could easily take a job to get extra income. These days, I try with my Etsy shop, with Swagbucks, and with other efforts. But that's slow going.

This month, it all hit the fan. I am two months behind in gas and electric and will try agencies for help on that but because I did that right after he passed on, I might not qualify. I am down to 1/8 tank of gas and will need to be very, very careful of my car trips. The computer has been acting up. My bottom dentures just broke when I turned on the computer - thankfully, I have this down pat and will use a super glue product and they will be fine this evening for another few months. My homeowner's insurance is due yesterday, my non-smart-phone which I carry in the car only for emergency calls needs a top up this week, and there is one bill that will take me to court if I do not pay them this Friday. There are a few other things, too, but you get the idea.

But, because I know he promised to take care of us, I trust him to get me out of this..Meanwhile, I will continue today and tomorrow in de-cluttering so I can have something out for the local charity store to pick up on Thursday; I will continue to work on my charity crafting issues; I will continue to try to market my handmade items on Etsy; I will do another search of my freezer and pantry and put together some more meals to freeze. The cat has food and litter for two weeks. We're safe. I can't ask for more than that.

Father, Sweet Jesus, most Holy Spirit - I know you are all there and will help me. I have seen it happen in the past. Show my friends the power of your love. As for me, because I know you work in wondrous and mysterious ways, I know you see me smiling when I say: I can't wait to see how you get me out of this one!

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