Monday, May 23, 2016

Freezer Stock-up and Defrost Plans

Well, I'm down to just 3 containers of pre-cooked crock pot meals in my upright freezer. Time to re-stock. Time to get busy and get that slow cooker cooking. I have everything I need in my pantry, freezer and fridge to make at least 3 slow-cooker meal batches.

Tonight, I'm working up a batch of ground turkey chili. I didn't have any kidney beans in the house, but I did have a few tubs of pre-soaked pinto beans and navy beans, and a can of black beans. I mashed the black beans to add thickness and color. Earlier, I did cook the ground turkey in a non-stick skillet - other than that, there was almost no prep needed. Well, cutting the onions and a bell pepper. And opening cans (corn, diced tomatoes, tomato sauce). The pot is pretty full. I hope I didn't over-fill it. It has about an inch at the top and I didn't add any additional liquid, so hopefully, it will cook down a bit. Tossed in a few leaves of cilantro, and some other stuff. Can't wait to start smelling it during the night.

Later this week, I'll do a big pot of ground turkey stuffed peppers with tomatoes/tomato sauce, and I'll pack those individually for grab-and-go meals.

There's also everything I need in here to do a big pot of ham-and-beans. I have more of the pre-soaked pinto and navy beans, plus tomatoes and ham bones.

After that, I need to re-inventory for small items for other batches.

I do have about a dozen "sides" of mashed yams in the door. I'd like to do up a few different sides, and maybe some cooked/pureed fruits in season. I use those so many ways.

I'll take a break after this week. In a week or two, before June 15, I hope to defrost the freezer. Last year, I finally got the courage to do it after a 3-year hiatus - what a mess. So, this year, I'm rolling with my new plan of an annual defrost.

Then I'll make some chicken meals and a few others.

Let me know if you smell it cooking tonight...

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