Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Hymns and Gospel Music

I know I've written before about my habit of late (about two years) of playing music on my PC at night while I'm catching up on emails and other things. I loaded some CDs onto the hard drive.

I've got a wide variety on there - not a lot of CDs - maybe a dozen. But I've got one Patsy Cline, two Jackie Gleason instrumentals (beautiful easy listening music), Christmas music (I play that all through the year whenever the mood calls to me) and several albums of gospel music and hymns.

When I play these, my plus-size kitty knows it's near bed time. At that point, she's already been brushed (our evening ritual). She lies down and gently falls asleep half a room away, listening to the music.

Tonight, I needed the spiritual mood. I've listened to, and enjoyed, "Were You There When They Crucified My Lord?" (I love not only the words but the melody), "How Great Thou Art" and others. It's such a soothing and relaxing way to get ready for bed. In about an hour or less, I'll shut down the PC and I'll say my bedtime prayers.

But along the way, that sweet spiritual mood will fill my heart and soul and comfort me. What a gentle and loving way to end the night.

Sweet Jesus, you lived here. You know the sweetness of earthly music. I realize it cannot compare with the heavenly choir of angels, but in our own way, we try to raise our hearts to the Father and praise him and remind ourselves of what it's all about. Please thank the Father, for us, for the blessed and thrilling gift of music and our ability to enjoy it.

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