Thursday, March 10, 2016

Two Women - Two Auto Accidents

I'm feeling very grateful tonight for the bumps in my life's road. My road is not nearly as bad as the roads a few of my friends are traveling right now.

Two different women I know are dealing with the results of car accidents. 
Both have broken bones. And both are seniors which means not only do they heal more slowly but they are also at risk for complications due to age and due to their already existing medical issues.

Try, as a woman, to go to the bathroom using only one arm or hand - and then, you'd better hope the hand you can move is at least your dominant hand.

One gal quickly developed pneumonia, to add to the mess.

The other already had terminal kidney issues and is not allowed pain pills during her healing.

Father, dear Father in Heaven, please, please help these good women to not only get through this, but make their path incredibly easy, if that is possible. And thank you for bringing each of them into my life -

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