Sunday, March 6, 2016

A Day Without a Crisis is a Treat

I know there are some folks who roll through life and never have a crisis to face. I am not one of them. And I have many, many friends who, like I, have an often bumpy road. But those friends are a lot like me in that we do not let it wipe us out or kill our spirit. We roll with life's punches. We have the Lord as a referee in our ring.

Still, I must say that I truly love and treasure a day that is without a crisis.

Today was a day like that.

It began at 3 a.m. - now I know that sounds like the beginning of trouble. 
Well, in the beginning I thought that it might just herald trouble. See, the wind was extremely strong during then night in our senior mobile home park here in Vegas. And the almost-40-year-old home I live in shook - a lot. The cat went and hid under one of the beds, way back against the wall, as flat as she could, on the floor.

I decided to leave the bedroom and go out into the living room and do the rest of my sleep shift on the old lift chair left over from when a family friend lived here. If the wind knocked the power out, I'd be closer to the old but faithful Coleman lantern and the battery in that is still good.

After I got out there, I found myself semi-awake until a little after 4 a.m. - nothing further had developed. I had said a few prayers, asking for protection for both my home and myself, and the homes and persons of the others in our park. But aside from really strong gusts, power stayed on and all my home's parts stayed put. That was nice.

Since I was already up, sort of, I decided to have an early breakfast and I put the coffee on. I pulled out one of my craft project boxes and planned to work on some button-face angels.

First, though, I turned on the PC. I do have that Etsy shop and once in a while I get an order, so I check twice a day. I've been without printers for a little over a week. They stopped printing after an automatic Windows 7 update. I had contacted Brother and had removed the devices (one laser printer and one inkjet) from the Control Panel, and unplugged and downloaded what Brother told me to, and replugged. Then I turned on each printer and they worked. I was happy. And I turned off the printers. I decided to print something half an hour later and my inkjet froze again. I just gave up and turned it off. That was a few days ago.

This morning I decided maybe I'd go searching for updated drivers. Something made me try the laser printer since that was the newest, in case that one was okay and I only needed to handle the inkjet. Yep, laser printed just fine.

Then something made me try the inkjet - now, it had frozen the last time I tried it. But this morning, it worked!

Apparently, after I had finished the reinstall, and by the way, nobody mentioned that I should do this, I was supposed to do a hard re-boot. It seems that after I had actually shut down my computer and then turned it back on, the reinstalls did their job and all is well.

Later, I worked on the button-face angels and finished 17 of them, and all they need now is their little button faces.

The wind was playing and having fun with my tv reception, too, today. I'm off contract tv, so I'm on an indoor antenna on an analog unit. I finally got the antenna to stop the picture from looking like animated modern art.

I decided to call a neighbor who does light handyman work and asked if he could come by within the next week or so, to secure the plastic lattice on my driveway. It's been up there over six years and desert winds have pulled at it and some corners are lifting away. I need someone to get up on a ladder and scoot around, securing those lattice panels. He will be here later this week.

Along the way, I did take a nap, but the kitty was very jumpy from the wicked wind and seemed to come to me every two or three hours for some comfort.

So, even though the day began very early on a somewhat jumpy note, it ended just fine. Along the way, I worked on my printer problem and resolved that, almost finished 17 button-face angels, and set up a date for my outdoor driveway lattice to be secured.

A day without a real crisis, and with some accomplishments. How great is that?

Father, thank you for helping me to always be grateful for the good days. They make the not-so-good days easier to take. And even those not-so-good days are not-so-bad when I come to you for help.

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