Thursday, March 31, 2016

Next 3 Days Internet Evenings Only

For the next 3 days, I will be online in the evenings only, and then only briefly for any high priority stuff. We're having our senior mobile park's Spring Park Wide Yard Sale and I'll be participating.

That means getting up at 5:30 am and parking my car in Visitor Parking at 6:30 and beginning the setup. I close at 3 each day - that's plenty long enough for this old lady these days.

Friday and Sunday are the most labor intensive. Friday morning I have to carry the 4 tables down to the end of the driveway and open them, then transport the boxes of "stuff" on a dolly to the tables, open and set everything up. That usually takes me until at least 7:30 or close to 8. Then I just sit and hope and pray (and crochet or read) the rest of the time. Sunday it "take it all down" time but that is actually easier than putting it up.

I made 3 days of snacks and meals ready. My breakfast cereal is in containers in the cupboard and I've pre-measured fruit for each container, so after I set up, I can just toss the fruit, spash the milk, and eat. Of course, as much as I hate soggy cereal, it would be great if I got sidetracked by buyers! The I prepped 3 containers of fruit/veggies for each day: bite size pieces of canteloupe and cucumbers, some grape tomatoes, and both black and green olives, with one stick of string cheese cut into bite-size pieces. I do confess to "junk" food, too. And today I made a fresh batch of iced tea.

So, I guess I'm as ready as I can be for now. Oh, and we identify the homes with sales in here with balloons out front of each home, so I already have my 3 balloons blown up and waiting for me to tie them down outside.

Quite frankly, I'm eager to climb into bed tonight. Last night I was up until 2 am. Silkie threw up off and on from early evening onward. She's the only cat I've ever had who has a lot of trouble when she's trying to cough up a hairball - they don't form. And I was afraid she'd get dehydrated, so I defrosted a small container of low fat plain yogurt and mixed it with canned food and finally gave that to her around 1 am. She loves that and at least I got moisture into her and the good stuff in the yogurt, too. Around 2 am, she had her last episode and then went to sleep - needless to say, I did, too. Around 4:30 am, she came into the living room and snuggled onto a corner of the long couch - when she fell asleep, by now very tired, she slept until almost 11. She's fine now, I hope, for a few more months. She doesn't get them as often as my other ones did. I give her Hairball Temptations (6 daily) which seems to help.

This is me, signing off soon for the night. Tomorrow will come early enough. I get up around then anyway, but not to do a lot, physically.

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