Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Prepping for Yard Sale - Yikes!

I forgot what all I had in here and will never, ever use again. I just finished rinsing off some Corning Ware, some glass bake ware, and tons of stem ware and heavy glass beer/ale mugs, just to start.

I'm bushed already, from climbing behind this and lifting that and all the rest but I'm fixing a quickie lunch and will rest an hour and keep going.

Today is my "inside" day and I will take what I've gathered from inside the house, to the outside, before bedtime tonight.

Tomorrow is my "outside" day. I will bring the 4 folding tables from the shed (a long walk from my shed, over the gravel, and I have to bring them one at a time, around the back of my 24x52 mobile, to my driveway), and then use the dolly to bring around the boxes I packed from the last sale. Last time, I ditched a lot, but had a couple of boxes full of stuff I want to try once more to sell. Anyhow, tomorrow is the outside day.

I think I'll have one side as "everything's $0.25" and the other side as "everything's $1" except for the things that are plainly price-marked. That should make it rather easy and I can avoid 65 trillion price tags.

I've still got to rinse off (tomorrow) one folding lawn chaise and hopefully put together one high-end ergo style folding lawn chaise. The second one has a hole in it so you can lie on your belly, sun your back, and poke your head through the hole and read!

Ok - gotta eat and get back to work.

Talk at ya later.

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