Friday, February 12, 2016

Thank You, Mother Mary, for Favor Received

Thank you for hearing my cry on behalf of my dear friend tonight, Mother Mary. I knew you would intercede for us with your son, Jesus, in our time of need. I promised you I'd thank you when it all worked out. And I am doing so with this post.

Briefly, for those of you reading this, it involved a minor medical incident. My friend and I were out for a short while tonight. She became queasy and we were both afraid to allow her to drive home herself. We had to leave her car behind and her family will get it for her in the morning. Meanwhile, she became sick, and almost immediately afterwards, felt better. We did still feel that she shouldn't drive home alone, so I drove her in my car.

Our fears were first for her health (apparently it is nothing serious; just something she ate at dinner), then for her safety driving home (we were guided to leave her car for pickup tomorrow), and it all worked out safely and with no ill effects.

Sweet Jesus, thank you for helping us when I whispered my frightened prayer on behalf of my friend. I find, more and more often, that when I rely on you and let you take over, it all works out. I do admit that I have my moments of fear and worry, but with that, too, you always help me get through the moment.

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