Friday, February 12, 2016

Good News About Bee Visitors

Yesterday, I explained my recent bee-visitor issues. I am terrified of them and have been concerned about how they are turning up recently - even in my home. I even had someone come and make sure I had no hidden hives. I've been in this place for over 15 years, and this has never happened before.

Today, one of my friends, when hearing my story, shared that her own friend, about 8 or 10 homes away from mine in our mobile home community, had also had a few straggling visitors and it had frightened her friend as it had done to me.

Now, as sorry as I am that it frightened her friend, I am very relieved to know that this is happening to at least one of my neighbors, and about a block away from me. This tells me it not just my home that is being targeted by these little fellows. 

I suspect they are merely scouts, looking for prime bee real estate. 

This is one time I hope my own home lacks curb appeal - at least for these potential residents.

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