Thursday, February 11, 2016

Faith and Security

I felt a need to post about prayer and faith tonight, but as I sit here, I'm not at all sure what I want, or need, to write. Sometimes this happens.

Lent has begun, so I could easily share my feelings on some aspect of this serious, sacrificial season.

My life is filled with many, many small blessings every day, whenever I am wise enough to keep my eyes and heart open to them.

Even though I do not have relatives living nearby, and no children or grandchildren (couldn't carry past 8 weeks), I do still have a baby brother in the high desert in CA plus many, many dear friends all over the country. And because of some crafter groups I belonged to over the years, I even have a few (even though I've never met them) in places like Canada, Scotland, and elsewhere.

There are occasional aches but no major medical issues and that, at age 76, is not only amazing but a miracle. I'd like to keep it that way. Even though I lost 20 pounds over the past two years, slowly, and I'd like to lose another 10 eventually, I am so happy that even at this point, I feel better than I have in years.

Mostly, I suppose, whenever I think about my life these days, I am mostly grateful for the gift of faith. I am so very grateful to have something, no, someONE, to lean on, no matter whether day or night, no matter what time it is. For I know without question that the Lord has my back. Talk about a feeling of security. Even if things happen that are out of my control, I know He will help me work it out.

Father, I still don't know why I felt the need to post tonight, but in the end, I am happy to once again recognize this feeling of peace and protection that comes from knowing, and having faith in, you. Thank you!

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