Thursday, February 11, 2016

Bees and Browsers

Once again, I had a lazy bee flying around inside my double-wide mobile. And yes, I do realize that I keep my back door open a lot for my kitty to  stroll in and out, at times, during the day. It's never open more than an hour, and several hours between those times. But I know a lot of folks who do this and they never had a bee fly in. In fact, I've been here since '01 and until the past few months, I have never had this happen to me, either.

I even paid a company a month or two ago to make sure I didn't have a hive nearby. I don't.

I don't have any flowers outside in pots. I don't put raw garbage outside.

Anyhow, I felt just plain terrible because when I saw it, it was mid-day and it was hanging around the top of my sink near the kitchen window. Apparently it thought it could get back out that way. In my panic (I'm terrified of them), I slapped it with the dishcloth and knocked it into the garbage disposal side of the sink, ran the water, and ground the poor thing into nothingness. Then I listened for the hum of an angry swarm outside because I was certain that, in its death throes, it would send out pheromones or something that would be a distress signal to its hive mates.

As for my browser, lately when I'm on the internet, I have several tabs open at once, and zing back and forth, here and there, and it's taking a long, long time to buffer and pull up the screens. I even dumped my cookies and history and stuff. I usually do that once a month anyway.

I decided to try a different browser. Until two years ago, I used, always, IE. Then I was having "stop plug in?" messages and stalling, and I switched to Firefox. That's been good for about two years but now that is slowing down. Maybe I just need to check to see if I'm supposed to download an updated version.

What I did, though, was switch to Google Chrome which I installed a while back because one program I use will only work in Chrome. Bingo! Absolutely no trouble.

So, I'm wondering.

What do each of YOU use?  Internet Explorer (which version?)? Firefox? Chrome?
Just curious...

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