Monday, February 1, 2016

Feline Peculiarities and Preferences

This morning, I sent off a 9x12 padded envelope with some cotton yarn coasters for a couple I know in NY.

I tucked in a little crocheted mousie that I made and it's lightly, very lightly, sprinkled with home-grown catnip (my neighbor). Maybe their handsome Sampson will like it.

Silkie doesn't like it because she only likes toys with benefits. 

She loves her 2 different treat balls (she gets treats from them). 

She loves her furry store-bought mousie (his belly has a Velcro opening and I can really STUFF it with catnip). 

She likes the laser pointer whenever I feel like I've got the energy to play with her (she goes through spells where she does nothing but lie there and stare at it, sort of stalking it). 

And she likes to chase the Bissell hand-sweeper when I try to do a quick-sweep (to pick up the little pebbles from her fave clay litter).

But this little mousie that I crocheted with love, with my own old hands, just for her - nope - nada - there's no reward (sigh).

I think I've said this before, but if there is anything at all to reincarnation, I'm comin' back as a cat to a house that adores cats. Cats do not have to do tricks. They do not have to beg. They do not have to fetch. They just ... are!

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