Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Our Charity Crafting Groups Distribution for 2015

Even though I haven’t posted much lately about our Friday morning Charity Crafting group, we have been active. I was happy to post our 2015 distribution totals in our senior mobile home park newsletter this month. 

We are always amazed to see how many items we have made and distributed by the end of each year for the local needy. 

Homeless hats and ear warmers 508
Homeless scarves 154
Homeless gloves 25
Baby hats 56
Baby blankets 31
Baby booties 6
Baby jackets 24
Baby bibs 3
Hospice afghans 35
Hospice shawls 9

When you consider there are only about a half dozen of us, that makes us feel it is worth doing. It all adds up, little by little.

When we started almost 7 years ago, we never dreamed it would add up to these numbers. We also never dreamed it would feel so good, and that it would be so addicting. The side effects of this addiction are good ones: warm fuzzies.

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