Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Truly Important Things in Life

Most of you know I've been financially challenged for the past few years. Sometimes you've seen me post for prayers for specific issues. That doesn't mean that I dwell on those matters all day long, day in, day out, night in, night out. Usually, I hit a bump on life's road. state it (often to let others know they have company on these bumpy roads), say a prayer, and then move on with whatever I must do that day. I try to leave the untangling of life's messes up to the Lord.

I think I've also mentioned that I've been reading a chapter a day of the Bible. I've read it all the way through at least 3 times in the past. This time I started with the New Testament, for some reason. Anyhow, I read these at night. Sometimes a chapter is only a half a column; other times it is a page and a half. 

In last night's chapter, I read this:
But if we have food and clothing, we will be content with that. 1 Timothy 6:8

The faithful were being told that this is all they really need in life.

This is true and I am happy to have read it. I know I've read it at least 3 other times in my life but the Bible is so complex and so massive and has so much to absorb, that I apparently just slid right over it the other times. 

Or, maybe the Lord knew I wasn't ready to accept it at that point in my life.

So, this affirms to me that I am truly blessed. 

I have food, and I have clothing. Plus, I have shelter, and a fur baby, and friends, and the Lord, and so much more. When I think of all those on this earth who do not have food, or do not even have clothing, I feel ashamed of the times I do the "I wish I had..." bit. 

I am not a jealous or envious person. My sins and faults lie in so many other areas, though. But I do admit to sometimes wishing I could go to this live show, or eat at Red Lobster, or go visit my brother in another state, or ... well, you get the picture.

Father, thank you for the nudge last night. I will hold those words close and remember them for a while. I am not foolish enough to think I'll remember them forever. But for a long time to come, I hope they will guide me as to what is really needed in my life. Thank you for providing that for me, always.


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Evelyn Mayfield said...

Right on, Cindy. And look, you and I are miles and miles and miles away from each other, and we are still in touch with each other. In Jesus' time, that was not even possible. We have phones and web and snail mail and more...yep, even at its hardest, this life has much to be grateful for. Hugs, my friend.