Sunday, January 31, 2016

Making This a Day of Rest Appeals to Me Today

Well, it's Sunday. Kitty and I both had trouble this morning getting it together. I dropped a note at a neighbor's back porch - he saves me his Sunday paper ads and I put the note and his paper up above his back steps. I'll pick up the ads from his front steps in a couple hours.

Then I somehow marshaled enough energy to put my baby (2-cup) percolator on the stove and get the whole grain old-fashioned oatmeal, with lots of fruit and nuts, into the microwave. While they worked, I washed my face, changed the water in Silkie's bowl, and checked emails and to see if there were any Etsy orders.

Now the coffee's ready, the oatmeal is ready, and I'm ready. 

Silkie has been ready for the past 10 minutes. She had eaten, stepped onto the back porch and decided it was too chilly this early, did a complete sponge bath, and hopped onto my bed, up near my pillow. It probably still has a little of the night's body warmth in it. 

And me, I'm gonna eat and do something I don't do often enough. I'm gonna follow the Good Book's advice. The part I'll follow is to keep this as a day of rest. Like many of us, I tend to follow the advice that appeals to me, and today, this appeals to me.

I'll work on some crafty stuff like my crosses (wall and pocket and other) and things for the local needy. At least then I won't feel useless.

Have a sweet and peace-filled day, my friends.


cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Sounds like one of those days I would enjoy thoroughly!!!

Evelyn Mayfield said...

I don't get chance to do it right very often (sigh) but I should try to do it just a little more often - sometimes I can go a month without one of these - at 76, it's a blessing when I can do it - not just because I force myself to slow down, but because it is one of the top Commandments...