Saturday, January 23, 2016

Foodie Saturday

You all know I am a foodie. I'm a snacker. I'm even a food-enabler. Guilty on all counts. To keep myself reasonably healthy, I must keep "stuff" that is reasonably healthy in the fridge and cupboards, and ready to grab when the urge hits. That urge hits off and on all day.

When I am hungry, of course, I eat. When I am stressed, I snack. When I am bored, I snack. When I am worried or nervous or ... well, I'm sure you get the picture.

I keep in mind (and in my happy foodie's heart) that many studies say that many smaller meals (or snacks) a day are healthier and metabolize better in our systems.

Today I had planned a kick-back day. Nothing but fun crochet work, perhaps. And perhaps switching out my TVs.

Somehow, I got started on food prep projects. That's not a bad thing. Once I got started, I couldn't stop, so I guess I needed to get these things made and secured for future binges.

I have not really made sandwiches at home or had a loaf of bread in the house for over a year. But last week, Smith's had a freebie for reward card holders and I had only used two or three slices. Also, last week. Albertsons, I think, had eggs, 18 count, 2 for $5 and I had picked up two, one of them for a friend. SO (you're probably ahead of me on this), I made up the rest of the bread as French Toast. I froze all but three which I put in the fridge for over the next few days, a slice at a time.

Then I took half a dozen of the eggs and boiled them and tossed them into the fridge.

Right now, I've got a crock pot filled with lentils and a meaty ham bone. It will cook all night and I'll divide it into serving-size containers tomorrow morning and freeze those.

Even though it was not what I had planned for the day, I ended up feeling good about how it went.

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