Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Lent Might Be Tough For Me This Year

Those of you who know me personally, or have read the blog for at least a year or more, know that I'm in the habit of giving up my beloved chocolate during Lent each year. 

Normally, I enjoy the challenge and I always seem to get through it. Most times, I can even hold out a week or two after Easter before I dive back into my obsession once again.

This year, it will be tougher, much, much tougher.

This year, Ash Wednesday arrives on the 10th, BEFORE Valentine's Day! There may have been other years when this happened but I can't remember them. Or, maybe I don't want to remember them.

Think about it...I am in the habit of buying lots and lots of chocolate the day after Valentine's Day and stashing it until after Lent. Of course, I've got to test some of it up to midnight before Ash Wednesday begins.

Oh, yes, this will be tough. I am not noble by any means. I chose chocolate a while back as something I wanted to give up for two reasons. 

First, it is something I dearly love to eat, so giving it up for Lent means a genuine sacrifice for me. This is a good thing. 

Second, it is healthier for me to be without all that sugar for the Lenten period. We won't let on that you know I am not giving up all candy - there are, of course, still jelly beans (a real fave of mine) and other treats. But once I've given up the chocolate, I tend to eat the other stuff a little less, as well.

This should be very interesting.

Father, you know how I love to make this sacrifice each year. I'm going to need a little extra help if I'm going to make it this time. You sort of tossed me a curve but I know you will give me the strength to see it through.

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