Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Heavenly Car Wash

I get a big kick out of taking my car through the Heavenly Car Wash. I don't know why it took me so long to discover this place.

Now, when it rains, I take the car off the sheltered driveway and through the best car wash in town. There are two locations.

The first and closest one is at the end of my driveway. I just back out and onto the little street in our senior mobile home park, and park it across my driveway and let it sit for a while until it is all fresh and clean on the outside. This location is great for downpours, when the rain gets all over the car.

The other location is a mobile, drive-through operation. I pull out of the driveway and simply drive through our park's streets, nice and easy, up and down, while God does all the work. This plan works best when it is raining but not terribly hard. By driving up and down the streets, I manage to get the rain on the car from different angles, both front and back, and on each side.

Best of all, both of these car washes are free. Is this a great world or what?

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