Wednesday, January 20, 2016

My New Easy Way to Avoid Criticizing

I always hate to admit to myself that I, like many of us, am guilty of criticizing others. Some might call it judging others. No matter what name it carries, I don't like it when I hear myself doing that. 

Usually I can kid myself into thinking I am merely offering sound advice from my many years of experience from my many years on this earth. When I do that, I am  only kidding myself. I should not offer advice unless I am asked for it. Or, when I am in a situation or job  which requires it of me.

I think I have found one way to try to overcome this weakness. 

I've decided to begin to train myself to say a prayer (in my mind) instead of opening my mouth to criticize. Oh, I know I will not ever completely erase it from my list of faults, but I'd feel a lot happier about myself if I could at least cut back on how often I do it.

The thing is that I love to share things I've learned on life's journey. There is something to be said, however, in knowing when and how to say those things. If what I say is not going to change the matter, then there is no reason to possibly hurt someone's feelings with my words. 

There are times, though, as in voting, when we might know that our vote will not really change something, but in that action, we make our voice known and possibly make others begin to at least think about change.

Father, I've been thinking a lot about this. Your son could easily have criticized so many while he was on this earth, and rightfully so. But instead he showed by good example how to do what is right. So, please help me to remember to pause a moment when I get that urge, and help me, instead, to say a silent prayer that, in that particular situation, your will, not ours, will be done.

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