Sunday, January 3, 2016

Friendship: Measured in Smiles, not Miles

I truly meant to once again begin blogging daily as of January 1 Obviously I procrastinated a bit.

The thing is, I should write things down immediately when they enter my brain. I used to jot things down all the time, years ago, when I was happily hooked on my free lance writing period. At that time, I had tablets and pens all over - every place you could think of in the house or apartment (yep, even in the bathroom or by the bedside), and in the car and in every handbag I might conceivably grab on the way out the door. I must do that again. 

See, in my way of thinking, and from my vast store of experience (read that: the school of hard knocks), "nothing is as fleeting as an uncaught thought." I tried many times to sell that line to various places like Reader's Digest but nobody (except me) ever thought it was as brilliant as I did.

Anyhow, this time I'm blogging as soon as the thought comes to mind.

Today I had a surprise visit from a friend here in town. Now this gal and I have known one another for what seems like centuries. We live perhaps 5 miles away from each other, if that. We met back in January 2008. I can't believe it's been 8 years now.

We aren't in touch every day. We aren't even in touch every week - and often a month or so goes by without an email. But we each know we are there for one another - sometimes that only means knowing we will each understand when we need a shoulder to lean on.

I was thinking about this today. There are a few others I know who fit that category as well. And they each know who they are - they are all special, each in their own way.

This friend - well, she's special, too. And I know she realizes she is always in my heart and prayers - because friendship, as the title of this post says, is measured in "smiles, not miles."

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