Saturday, December 5, 2015

We Just Made Another Drop for the Homeless

With the temps down now, and that cement so cold in this desert area, our local homeless really need the few things we make and distribute to them.

Friday, we passed the latest donation along. 

Most of it was our hand crocheted/knit hats and scarves. But this time we had a few little non-handmade extras that folks gave us to pass to the needy: wool scarves (cut from a wool stadium blanket), 4 fleece throws, and half a dozen socks.

On our part, the handmade items were: 109 hats and 6 scarves, but that stadium blanket yielded 16 scarves to add to the total.

We can only make a small dent in the thousands out there who need things, but each of us in our group feels happy to be able to warm even just one head in the winter.

Back to my crocheting...

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