Monday, December 7, 2015

Time Challenges

How on earth can time pass so quickly? Tomorrow it will be the 8th. That leaves 16 days for me to "make" some of the things I want to make for friends on my list. 

Every year I promise myself to start on January 1 to work on things and fill a tote for year-end. So far, I have never even begun on that day. I have had friends in the past who did manage it, and happily unpacked their gifts from their stash in December. 

I am financially-challenged so I have a wonderful excuse for avoiding that madding crowd at the malls and shopping centers. And I don't believe that expensive gifts are the best gifts. I've always tried to suit a gift, no matter how small, to the person on my list. 

But I keep forgetting that making things means finding time. Now, time is the other commodity, aside from funds, that I usually find in short supply.

That said, I am also very grateful for all the things on my plate. A friend and I were discussing that the other day. Having something on our plates, no matter how trivial it might sound to others, gives us a purpose for each day. 

Our to-do lists challenge us to get out of bed, get dressed (sometimes), and do something.
I know too many folks who are bored with their lives. I cannot ever see that happening to me. And you wanna know something? I don't ever want it to happen.

Lord, thank you for all the little challenges and projects you send my way. I love doing things for you. And I love having a reason to get up each morning. Yep, you know very well that I sometimes complain to the cat that I cannot possibly get this or that done on a particular day. But when I ask for your help and guidance, you always let me know which matters are most important at that moment. Thank you!

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