Thursday, December 10, 2015

Health and its Importance

Last night, I went to a monthly meeting for mobile home owners, combined with their annual Christmas party. Among the 50 folks there, I know at least half a dozen, perhaps more, who are dealing with either long-term or sudden onset health worries. I feel for each of them. There's nothing I can do except keep them each in my prayers.

Add to that the 30 or 40 friends and neighbors in my mobile home community who are likewise suffering various illnesses, some chronic and long-term. These folks somehow are coping with the pain and the other effects of their medical issues. Again, there's not much I can do except pray for them.

Then there are the dozens of folks I've met in cyber space since the late 1980s who are also dealing with pain or worse when it comes to their health. Here again, prayer is all I can offer.

I am feeling exceptionally blessed tonight, but I am heartsick over so many people in such need, health-wise. 

Father, please, please look after these people who I have grown to know and care about. Send them whatever they need to deal with their health issues. Wherever possible, lighten their burdens and bring peace to their hearts. I wish I could do more, but I turn that sorrow over to you, knowing you will do whatever works within your infinite plans.

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