Sunday, November 8, 2015

We Donated Our Baby Projects Last Week

Back on 10/16, I mentioned that we had distributed some of our finished crochet/knit handmade items to the local needy. I also mentioned the dozen afghans we gave to a local hospice.

This past week, we were excited to be able to give away some more of our finished projects.

A local group, Baby's Bounty, has contacts with about 100 local agencies which help mothers-in-need. They can easily find "homes" for anything we make for babies from newborn to a year old.

We were happy to drop off to them:
Baby Hats - 56
Baby Blankets - 31
Baby Booties - 6 pr
Baby Jackets/Sweaters - 24
Bibs - 3

And then on Friday, we gave our one gal the following items for our local homeless:
Hats - 94
Headbands/Earbands - 20
Scarves - 34
Gloves - 5

We will be giving more to the local homeless, off and on, all winter long, at least for as long as our senior-fingers hold out. 

Every area in the country has a different climate. Here in our Nevada desert, it can get bone-chilling cold out on that cement at night. We decided over these past few years to concentrate on hats first and foremost. Scarves come next because they can double as a hat by pulling them up over the heads of the homeless. Gloves (we make fingerless ones) are an added bonus when we get the urge to make them. Basically, hands can usually be put into pockets for warmth and we rarely go below freezing out here. But no matter what we make, we are always happy to know that they will bring warmth and comfort to someone in need.

And we do hope to make one more drop for the babies before the year-end holidays.

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