Sunday, November 1, 2015

Pedometer Fun

It was a beautiful morning for wearing out my feet. Yesterday I delivered our monthly park newsletter to about 50 of the 200 homes I committed to do. That is my warm-up. Then this morning I did the other 150. 

I decided that this weekend, I would clip on my cheap little pedometer and have fun tracking the walk.

I stroll down the street, walk a short way to the front railing of the mobile home, rubber band the newsletter to the front end of the railing, then walk back down to the street. Nothing really strenuous.

I do have flat feet - I have had that problem since I was a little girl. I even took "corrective gym" classes before my heart condition made that a no-no. It really never worked. They had me picking up marbles with my toes. My arches never did get stronger. However, for many, many years, I was able to button and unbutton things with my toes. 

Back to the pedometer. Yesterday, I logged 480 steps on that short route even though it took me half an hour.

This morning's trip took me 1-1/2 hours and I happily logged 3909 steps! I do it wisely, knowing my limits. I carry a small bottle of water, my cell, my ID, and a mini-candy bar. Halfway, I stop at our mailroom bench, hydrate, munch, and then go on.

Tonight, I feel good in many ways from the walk. However, my feet are telling me to take care of them. I will wrap the one foot with an ace bandage, and pull a foot-brace onto the other one. By morning, they will only have a gentle ache. These days, I seem to snap back pretty quickly.

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