Saturday, October 31, 2015

Thankful Tonight for Both Large and Small Blessings

There's not a night that I climb into bed without thanking the Lord for something. I can always find something, even if it is just the old bed I sleep in, or the covers, or the fact that I can control the heat and cold in my home - I am well aware that most of us here in our country take that for granted.

Tonight, I was thinking about my daily blessings and had to smile at the wide variety that immediately came to mind.

First, I am very thankful for my current state of health and my legs. Two years ago, I had to use my quad cane for everything except in the house. These days, thanks to dietary and lifestyle changes (and the slight weight loss that caused), I only use that cane for longer walks. 

This morning, I used it and tomorrow morning, I will, as well. I deliver our monthly park newsletter to almost 200 of our 400+ homes but I must split it between two mornings to keep it at a comfortable level for me. After I finished the first round this morning, I had some happy aches. You know the ones I mean - they are not pain; they are joyous reminders that some of your parts still work. And you know you really should keep them more active in the future.

Second, on that walk, I was able to see, from halfway down our street and from other angles, my newly coated and sealed (formerly leaky) old mobile home roof. Yes, they did fit me in this weekend.
Yesterday morning, they did the job. They said they found some potential trouble spots which they took care of and they also feel they might have found the spots causing the current leaks. They also said this sealing/coating should last about 7 years before I would need any patching or fixing. 

The thing that caught my eye on my delivery walk was the sight of that roof. Yes, it is a little uneven (it's metal and it's almost 40 years old), but it is white - really really white. My roof has usually appeared to be a sort of 'brindle" or "mottled" color. It is the best I've seen it look since I moved in here back in '01. And they replaced some tops on some of the vents that had come off. 

And, along with some other joys and blessings today, my old analog-to-digital/indoor-antenna tv setup worked beautifully today and I was delighted to watch and cheer while American Pharoah won the Breeder's Cup Classic! That was such a thrill. I have really enjoyed following this horse's life this whole year.

Father, you know I am always grateful for even the smallest of blessings. And you know how soothing it is for me to thank you for them at the end of each day. Today you gave me plenty to be thankful for - kind of like an early Thanksgiving Day celebration. Thank you so much. Now, may I bother you a moment? I have so many friends who need your attention and compassion and mercy. We've talked about them from time to time. You have my list. It would do my heart and soul so much good to be able to be thankful for some special blessings in their lives, too.

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