Saturday, October 31, 2015

Double Whammy in Changes Overnight - And Great Idea

I have a few friends who are like me in one way - we always have so many things on our plate, commitment-wise, that we have clocks and calendars in almost every room in the house. 

That means that tonight, since it is both the end of the month and the end of Daylight Saving Time, we have to change both the clocks and the calendars.

And if we are organized enough to be one of those homes who also changes all the batteries when Daylight Saving ends, well, guess what?

When I was talking with a friend/neighbor on the phone today, we were laughing about how each clock, as we move through the house, gets "off" sync with the others, a minute or two at a time, during the process. I mentioned that, since I do still have landline phone extensions in the house, I might just call 118, which in our area, gives us local time and weather. I figured this time, I might just call that on each of the phones in the three rooms they are in. This would make almost all my clocks read the same time, no matter what room I'm in. 

As I was saying that, I heard myself saying, "Shoot, why don't I just grab my prepaid cell and take it with me through the house? I can have the exact time in whichever room I'm in. For once, all my clocks will be in sync!"

And that, my friends, is what I did tonight. I am so proud of me. Sometimes these old gray cells still work!

So, clocks are changed. 
Calendars are changed. 
And, I did change some batteries - the ones in the clocks, since I had them in hand to make the changes.

I was reasonably good today...

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