Sunday, November 8, 2015

Plans for the Next Few Weeks

My good-night prayers tonight will include a request for a little extra dose of motivation and the ability to focus on the tasks I chose for this coming week or two. I am already finding excuses for not doing some of the things on my list.

I've got two weeks before my next monthly newsletter ties me up for the last week of the month. And I have things that must be done during that time. 

My regular colonoscopy is scheduled for Friday. I've dropped off the Rx for that session and will pick it up tomorrow or Tuesday. 

And of course, there are my regular Friday morning charity crafting sessions. 

This week, I also have an evening meeting (a monthly one) that I hope to attend.

But there are other things I had hoped to do, and still hope to do, aside from normal shopping, laundry, and so on.

I have a few crock-pot meals I want to toss together and freeze, for one thing.

And I want to update my Etsy shop and start posting on my Facebook page about my shop.

And I also want to make a serious list of the projects I want to make for my year-end give-away's. I cannot justify buying even token gifts, but the Lord has blessed me with the ability to make "things" and "things" I will definitely make. I just need to settle on what those things will be and gather the patterns, or instructions, and supplies. 

Along the way, I hope to fit in at least an hour, several times a week, in my ongoing de-clutterng efforts.

I've got a few agencies to visit, also, to update my info on record. Most of these must be done annually. There are many programs I do not qualify for, but when it comes to the ones I do qualify for, I don't want to lose the benefits just because I forgot to update the info on record.

So, even though it's not a lot of stuff ahead, it's enough that I can easily talk myself out of this or that, or let myself get distracted by one task to the extent that I don't feel like tackling the next one.

Heavenly Father, thank you for the skills you have led to me develop and the ability to still use them. You know the projects that I have in mind for the next few weeks. Please guide me along the way so that I do what is most important according to your plans for me, not according to my own desires or plans. I will try to hear your words of guidance along the way.

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