Thursday, November 12, 2015

Liquids Only Today - What Fun!

I'm in the middle of brewing a hot cup of coffee, which I will drink black today. Tomorrow morning, I'm headed out for a procedure and today is all prep, food-wise. I do this every 3 to 5 years because of my history of Stage 3 colon cancer in '99. This year is the 4th in this round, so I made myself a promise to do it before year-end. That way, when Christmas comes, I can thank the Lord for my new eyes (cataract surgery Dec. '14 and Jan. '15), my scheduled colonoscopy, and keeping my labs to the point that I still need no meds for blood pressure, cholesterol or diabetes. It will have been a good year, health-wise, if all goes well tomorrow.

Anyhow, I am, by nature and, I admit, by choice, a "foodie." The thing that I've changed over the past two years is the type of food I eat. I'm a grazer and a snacker. So, with the help of my trusty, faithful crock pot, and armed with the right foods at "grab and go" level in the fridge, I've managed to eat the "right" foods when I feel the urge.

Today, however, will be a challenge. It is a challenge every time I do this. This time around, I've tried to plan for liquids that I like, or at least ones that I "sort of" like. 

Black coffee (it feels more like "food" when I sip it) and my "Sun tea" for warmth throughout the day, for one. I have a double batch of lemon jello (I already had 2 big spoonfuls - yummy!), and, for when I think I'm about to go crazy and eat the cat's food right off her dish on the floor, I can pop the 2-liter bottle of diet ginger ale or sip a more satisfying glass of apple juice.

Through the years, I quit trying chicken broth. Not all chicken broths are suitably "clear," something I found out to my regret when I had to re-schedule 4 years ago. Some chicken broths have dehydrated pieces of veggies, etc., in them. For this procedure, that's a no-no. Maybe next time around, I will research them carefully and try to select one that will be safe in my case. I do admit that the chicken broth is satisfying at times like this, and I have several cans, several types, in my cabinets, but will not risk the wrong one for now.

One other thing I will do, because I know me and food, will be to distract myself whenever I feel a nibble-urge. In my cluttered home, that's very easy to do. And with my crafting obsession, again, that's easy to do. I just need to be careful I do not do so much that I work up an appetite I cannot give in to today.

So, this will be interesting, my friends. See you on the other side, tomorrow, and hopefully, once again, I will have good news afterwards.

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