Friday, November 13, 2015

Looking Back at this Year So Far

This has been an amazing year. Yes, I still miss my "nephew" who passed away almost two years ago. And, yes, my "shelter kitty" is still getting used to me in many ways even after being here almost 3 years.

But, already, this year, I have new eyes (cataract surgery early in year), my regular colonoscopy (every 3-5 years because of previous cancer), have lost 20 pounds nice and slow, am rarely in need of my arthritis pain meds these days, have no other meds to deal with even at my age, have managed some de-cluttering, defrosted (3 years late) my upright freezer, am making healthy and delicious meals to put in the freezer, and I have a newly sealed and coated roof on my mobile home.

Each of these things, when, and while, they were occurring, were stressful in some ways. But with the Lord's help, and the love and prayers of friends, I not only got through each situation, but I also came through each one much better than I had a right to expect.

Today's procedure went very well. I see the doctor on 12/1 to find out about a minor biopsy he took while performing the colonoscopy. But there was nothing fearful discovered for the immediate future.

Father, you have blessed me in so many ways, not only this year, but all my life. I thank you for this, with all my heart, but I also ask for your compassion and mercy and help for some of my friends in immediate need. You know of those on my prayer list- please shower your love upon them and hold them up while you are working out the solutions to their problems. I place my trust in you.


cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Glad to hear that things are well with your soul. Also glad to hear that you have a newly sealed and coated roof on your mobile home. That in itself can be VERY stressful. God is good....all the time, He wants us to depend on him daily and that you do, very well.

Evelyn Mayfield said...

I love your comments, my friend - as for my faith, I found out a few decades ago that I have to depend on him - it is the least stressful way to live in this complicated world we have developed ...