Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Bee-sy Business Has Me Concerned

Sunday afternoon, I was sitting on my back steps (driveway) and noticed 2 to 4 bees (2 for sure) flying quietly around my head while I was reading. I am terrified of them and somehow managed to stay calm and get up and inside without exuding fear or speed, and shut the door. I didn't even hear them buzzing when they flew around me. Then I saw nothing the next two days.

This afternoon, late (around 4pm), while I had my back door open so my 4-yr-old kitty could walk in and out (she stays on my driveway), I flicked something off the handle of a spoon that was sticking up out of my dishwater in the sink. When I fished it out, it was not a fly as I expected, but a bee. I've got it and will transfer it from dishwater to plain water tonight.

I don't know if I have a hive in/around my mobile, or if they are on a scouting mission from a nearby home or tree. I don't even know if companies that handle them charge for an inspection...I guess I'll be on the phone tomorrow for sure.

Father, you know I can almost still feel the stings from those bees and that wasp from when I was a child. You know how frightened I am of them. Strengthen me now to stay calm and find me the right expert to give me the right answers. Meanwhile, protect me, please, as you have always done, from any major harm or damage. I will be waiting to see how you get me out of THIS one.

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