Thursday, November 19, 2015

Bee Free - That's Me!

Once again, my Lord, you have come through for me. Yes, I know I spent that money for the bee technician to come check things out for me, and yes, I am thrilled that he found no hives and I do not need any further action. But I do not feel I wasted that money. I was very scared, as you well know. I don't know why something so small, considering the size of some of your other creations, can frighten me so much.

He said that this time of year they are rather active, foraging for food that is getting scarce in the colder weather. He feels they must have smelled something sweet to draw them here. Then I remembered that about two weeks ago, the little throw rug I keep in front of the fridge was soiled by some watermelon juice that I spilled when I took out some watermelon pieces. I took it outside at the time, planning to wash it with the hose before tossing it in the washer, and promptly forgot it. That might have been the drawing factor.

The fact that the few I saw, on my double-wide mobile home lot, were sluggish made sense to him, also. 

I mentioned that this meant, even if I didn't have any signs of a hive on my own lot, that it must be one of my nearby neighbors, within two or three lots of my own. He said that the hive could actually be as far away as a mile from my place - that was something I didn't know.

These bee-dudes are very brave, IMHO. He said that out of every 10 calls he handles, 8 are rather like mine, but that at least 2 are troublesome. He has been stung many times, the worst a few years ago. That time, a hive on a lady's home had grown over two years time before she was finally stung herself and called it in. By then, it was hanging from the eave at the top of her second story, down to the top of her first story. He was almost up to the top, on his ladder, when they spotted him and attacked. He took about 30 stings and that time, he ended up in the hospital.

Father, thank you so much for your help in this matter. I am grateful that I, and my rescue-kitty, are not in any danger. But I do also ask you protect whoever's property is hosting that hive. Fill them with wisdom and encourage them to call it in as soon as possible.

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