Friday, October 16, 2015

Update and Donations

Just a quickie tonight on our charity crafting efforts. I have neglected this portion of my blog. That doesn't mean I have neglected the charity crafting effort itself.

Today, I needed to keep busy but distracted. I decided to gather the afghans we have been making and pack them for distribution this weekend.

These are much larger than what we used to make. Since '09, we have made "lapghans" or lap throws. They were of a size to fit on a lap but not tangle in wheelchairs, and to reach to the ankle. 

Those we make now are for a local hospice and they need covers, more or less. I measured my twin bed top when we learned of this requirement. It is about the size of a hospital bed, in length and width. I found that a cover 36x48" will just cover that bed top. That means it will float over someone in a bed or hospital bed. We have no way, energy-wise or materials-wise, to make anything larger, on a regular basis.

That said, once we settled on a size, we went at it. We love changing projects according to our own senior-stamina and life-style limits. Some days we work hats, scarves, gloves for the homeless; other times, it might be for local babies in need. Or, these blankets/covers.

Anyhow, I was happily surprised to find we had a dozen finished. I bagged them, and documented the count on my distribution list, and will pass them along this weekend. Earlier this year, we have given them 23 afghans and 9 shawls. Projects this size do take time but we are always happily surprised by what we can accomplish over time.

Next week, I hope to finally gather the baby things for Baby's Bounty and pass them along.

Three weeks ago, one of our team got the following from me to take for distribution to the local homeless:
Hats                             94
Headbands/Earbands  20
Scarves                        34
Gloves                         5

Things are moving along. We will be distributing for the local homeless once or twice a month all through the winter.

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