Sunday, October 18, 2015

Roofing Update - Change in Plans

Those who read my blog are aware of my recent worries with my roof leaks and the dripping in the house. Water began dripping in my living room, from the ceiling, over three weeks ago, after an earlier rain. Briefly, I need to do a complete coating on my old double-wide mobile home's metal roof - it is way, way past due. The contractor knew I couldn't afford the job but offered to do it in thirds. We agreed on that. We've had rain for several days and were waiting for the rain to go away and the roof to dry.

Things have changed - two things, actually.

First, even though he chopped it into thirds, the more I looked at that amount and the bills I have left this month, the more I realized I could not do it. It would have meant that I would default on my homeowner's insurance, for one, and on one collector known for turning things over and placing a judgment against defaulted debtors. Even though my home is homesteaded (one of the few states where we can still do this), the mess is not worth it.

Second, and the biggest issue - that first leak never produced dripping ever again. BUT, I found another spot, halfway through the house, above the pantry door (the driveway door) where it is very wet on the ceiling panels and bulging - plus the lathe between the two panels is bulging and has a crack. Seeing that it was ready to "go," I plopped a bucket on my dryer, under it. Obviously, I need to do the whole roof - no way around it. Piecemeal work won't work this late in the game.

So, I advised the contractor. And now I must find the funds to do the full job. Tomorrow, I'll check my resource list and try to find an agency that might do it for me, for free. Usually, they are for disabled low-income seniors. I am a low-income senior, but I don't think I qualify for disabled even with a handicapped motor vehicles card. We'll see. 

Hopefully, the rain will stay away while I seek this help. 

Father in heaven, thank you for keeping the damage to a minimum. And thank you for no actual dripping for now, and for showing me that second, seemingly worse, area, so I could see how much work I really need to do. I know you are working on this for me and I will try to do my part, from my end, which includes a lot of faith and patience. Can you send me an extra helping of those two, please?


cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Check on "Rebuilding Together" they are Nation Wide. That's who helped us. They fixed our roof a year ago and then the ceiling this last May. They help to keep Seniors in their homes. If there are other problems they would fix that also. We had our front and back yard landscaped, electrical work done, ceiling fixed and kitchen painted, new basement windows, new taller toilet and railing in the bathroom, and railings going into the basement. New Kitchen faucet and bathroom faucet and new plumbing under the kitchen sink and bathroom sink. It was such a blessing. There has to be some kind of agency in Las Vagas that will help you. Leaking ceilings and roofs are so stressful!!!

They probably would fix your bathroom also so you have a safe shower and tub. Yeah, check out "Rebuilding Together"

Evelyn Mayfield said...

You are so kind to share that information about "Rebuilding Together." Actually, we have a local office here, and they were at the top of my list. Unfortunately it did not work out. Las Vegas is one big city, and in a few spots, three or four, there are some "unincorporated" areas a few miles wide that are "county" and even though surrounded by all the rest of Las Vegas, not really Las Vegas - complicated. Anyhow, the agency has not been able to secure funding to cover our unincorporated areas this year, from what they told me today. There are many agencies to help people here in our area. But, like everywhere else, you must fit all the requirements, not just some of them...working my way down the list...Years ago, a group came in and gave us a new A/C and furnace, solar screens, fridge, and sealed the 11 floor ducts in the home to stop all the wasted A/C that was driving up our electric bills. That was a blessing. Folks need to seek out these places - they want to help. It's just often takes time to find the one that fits your will all work always does.