Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Some Rain Again This Morning Already

I think we all thought the rain was done for a few weeks because we had a couple of dry days. Then, during the dark hours, between 3:45 and 4:30 a.m., the kitty and I listened to it falling steady and gently on the roof.

It wasn't heavy or blowing, so hopefully all will be well. They are predicting scattered showers off and on all day, but light. 

Meanwhile, I will get on with my day and my tasks and keep my mind off the leaks while the Lord tends to the business of getting the roof repaired.

I've already taken out the trash (it's now 6 a.m.) and will have a light breakfast. Then I'll head to the one nearby food pantry and pick up two big bags. Most of it these days goes directly to a disabled neighbor. The food in those bags will upset all I've done to stay healthy but he needs it desperately and seems to have a cast-iron constitution. He just can't get around to go get it.

Once I've dropped that off, I'll come home and call this other neighbor of mine. She said she has some yarn to donate to our charity crafters but I must come to her home. I'll do that once I make sure she is there this morning. She said she really needs to get it out of her home. I will enjoy helping her do that.

After her place, the rest of the day is inside. I haven't set that up, yet, mentally, but I have a zillion things I can (and should) do in here. 

My problem is that once I go outside and either shop or do other errands, it makes it very difficult for me to focus on indoor tasks. Knowing that, I'll just ask for a little heavenly help, this time around. 

Father in heaven, thank you for continuing to protect this house you led us to so many years ago. I am so grateful that you are working on its roof repair. Thank you, too, for trusting me to help a few others today - my neighbor with the food, and both the charity crafters and the woman who is donating the yarn. But once I return home, and get a moment or two to re-charge, I'll need your help. Please show me what you want me to do in here this afternoon. I'll be listening.

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