Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Just a Brief Post Tonight

I've been trying to distract myself the past few days. Worry, I've learned in my 7+ decades on this earth, does not help solve problems - it only blocks my mind and keeps me from seeing answers. I know the Lord is working on the leaky roof, so I'll keep doing little things to resist the urge to dwell on it.

I will admit that I find the easiest way to distract myself from an issue, and a great way to keep my mind open to answers, is to concentrate on mindless, routine tasks.

So, tomorrow, I'll continue on this path. I'll do a wash load or two, I'll get some things prepped and make a crock pot meal or two on the weekend, and I might count all the baby things our charity crafting group has made and accumulated. I can plan to distribute those on Monday morning, after I've sorted, counted, packed and made a list to go with the donation.

Father, you have blessed me with faith and trust in you. I'm also glad, in a way, for my cluttered, disorganized home situation because it gives me plenty of things to do to take my mind off worry and leave the door open for your loving help.

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