Thursday, October 22, 2015

Mellow Day

I love looking back on the day and see that I actually managed to accomplish something, or a few somethings, no matter how minor.

My to-do list for today managed to get done - laundry, gathering and documenting and packing baby items for charity crafting distribution, and I even finished another scarf for the homeless. I also squeezed in a lovely shower, and prepped some food items. 

I find it is so much easier for me to eat smart if I have g&g (grab and gorge) food facing me when I open the fridge.

I pulled out the bag of grapes and plucked and rinsed enough to fill one small g&g bowl. I also took a can of tuna down and mixed it with some of my mashed avocado (instead of mayo), smidgen of horseradish, dab of brown mustard, a chopped celery rib, about half a dozen chopped black olives (I bought and stashed 6 cans from the dollar store last month), and even some chopped radish. I left that in the front where I could take about 1/3 at a time and enjoy a quick and tasty snack. The radishes that were left, I chopped while they were looking at me and now they are ready to add to things. I found a chub of lo-fat pepper jack cheese, so I shredded that. I find I use less cheese when it is shredded but pre-shredded cheese always costs more than when I do it myself from cheese I buy on sale. 

Father , thank you for encouraging me to do a few things around here. You know all too well how much more I need to do so I am very grateful you are so patient with me. I will try to do my part by doing a little, no matter how little, each day. You are so good to me!

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