Friday, October 16, 2015

Distracting Myself from my Worries

I am not a superwoman, nor am I a saint. I have many moments when I have to remind myself to have faith. I do try, though, to keep myself from indulging in that worry for any length of time. 

Quite often, the only way I can do that is to say a quick prayer that the Lord guides me, and then to quickly distract myself.

I think I am actually grateful for my cluttered home. I can always find another corner, another stack, another bunch of stuff, to go through.

Today, I decided on two projects - very easy, very routine, but enough to keep me from staring at the ceiling during the spotty rain, expecting the roof to leak.

I gathered the few afghans our charity crafters had finished, counted them, and bagged them. This weekend, I will call our neighbor so she can pick them up and take them to the hospice where she works. The whole thing didn't take long, but I managed to do a few related things at the same time, to keep it moving. I updated my 2015 list of what we've distributed so far. 

The other project was to set up the clunky old tv in my back bedroom, for tv reception. I had re-discovered the analog-to-digital converter box a neighbor gave me a while back, as well as a second indoor antenna. In spite of a few problems, I connected them and managed to place the antenna in a way that at least lets me pull in about 6 local channels. That's enough for me. Now I can check the 10 and 11 p.m. news before I fall asleep. 

The day is done; there was no leaking today. I completed two useful projects. All is well...

Father, thank you for helping me keep myself busy while you are working on solutions for me, and thank you for once again, keeping our home leak-free this past 24 hours. Please pour your patience and trust and faith into my heart, to keep me on track and in faith.

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